I’ve have performances, recordings, publications, sprinkled around the internet. This page has links to a number of them.

Performance Videos

Kēnòr: Christopher Brooks, violin; Lj Palmer percussion; John Milosich, accordion and voice.

Here and here are video recording from our  performance January 20th 2017 at the wonderful Trust Performing Arts Center in Lancaster. They were taken by placing the camera on the piano in back of the performance, facing the audience in order to avoid placing an object between the performers and the audience:

Here is the same group playing in a very different environment, my backyard, to the accompaniment of cicadas.

Awakened Ruins

Here is a trailer for a fascinating, emotional, collaboration with the fine choreographer, Tori Lawrence.

HOT Series of Philadelphia

Here I am improvising with a solo dancer. Very interesting interaction towards the end (when she finally warms up towards me).

Liz Fulmer

Here is a video of myself, George Swank (mandolin), and singer songwriter, Liz Fulmer.

Other videos

Here is a video that I made explaining how to play the violin without a shoulder rest. It’s a little fuzzy because I made it without enough light. But the concepts are good.


Kēnòr CD

Emotional, thoughtful, expressive, sophisticated, harmonically and rhythmically complex improvisation: violin, voice, accordion, hand percussion. Entirely acoustic. Recorded in an old stone building, the sheer sound of the recording is rich, yet clear.

Herehere , and here are cuts from the CD. Please buy the CD (or here) if you like them.


Here are a few cuts from performances over the years.

Mellisa with The West End.

Concert at the Jewish Community Center in 2010 with an earlier incarnation of Kenor.

Have You Met Miss Jones 

Giant Steps

Avinu Malkenu Meets John Coltrane