My background

My background

Christopher Brooks practicing in Sevilla, Spain

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I began studying the violin at PS 8 in Brooklyn Heights, moving on to private lessons at the Third Street Music School in Manhattan, back when a subway token cost 15 cents.

In high school, I attended the Manhattan School of Music Preparatory Department and during the summer attended the arcadian Kinhaven Music School.

Attending the New School of Music in Philadelphia (a conservatory founded by members of the Curtis Quartet) I studied violin with Jascha Brodsky and Geoffrey Michaels.

I have played chamber music and been a member of numerous orchestras in the USA and Europe including Orquesta Bética Filarmónica de Sevilla (concertmaster), the Frysk Orkest in the Netherlands, and the Reading, York, and Harrisburg Symphonies (concertmaster).

In 2008, I attended the Berklee College of Music String Fling, where I studied improvisation for string players with John Blake, Eugene Friesen, Rob Thomas, Matt Glaser, and Christian Howes.

I have lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with my wife, Lynn, since 1984, freelancing, performing, and teaching.

Also, because of work that I have done in schools, I have had my criminal background checked. I have a clean record; my Registration ID is PAE14AF409481082.

Recent performance projects

Awakened Ruins violin with dancer Pam Vail

Awakened Ruins

  • Allegro Chamber Orchestra, Lancaster, PA.
  • Old World Folk Band, Harrisburg, PA.
  • Awakened Ruins, a dance by Tori Lawrence, set in the vast, reverberant attic spaces of Girard College, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Dancing with the Sonnets, a setting of 22 Shakespeare Sonnets for 3 dancers, actor and music (violin & percussion): choreographer Sydney Pierce, Sonnets read by Laura Howell and music written by myself. Performed at Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA.
  • Foolish Questions, or How to Make a Dance, dance and music developed simultaneously: choreographer Beau Hancock, music organized by myself and performed by myself, violin; Mike Bitts, bass; and Dan Heslink, percussion. Performed at Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA.
  • Brahms Horn Trio, part of Three Romantic Trios at the Trust Performing Arts Center, Lancaster, PA.
  • Liz Fulmer and the Narrators, Lancaster, PA.
  • project improv, based in Lancaster, PA.
  • Kēnòr, an authentic, improvised modern chamber music ensemble of virtuoso violin, percussion, vocals and accordion in an exciting alchemy of evocative world music and mischievous poetry. A link to buy our CD is on on the column to the right.


Foolish Questions

Foolish Questions, or How to Make a Dance

Throughout my performing career I have continued to teach the violin and coach.